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Challenging behaviours such as Separation anxiety, aggression, training issues, cat litter issues, and many others, can be resolved through sensory animal communication, where we allow open dialogue and space for different solutions to be found. 
Our goal at ITERANIMA is to treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. 

What should I expect from the session of sensory communication?

Animals are at their best when their feelings and thoughts are expressed. The main two reasons for strange, aggressive, or destructive behaviour are emotional or physical issues. The session will determine if the "problem behavior" is the result of pain or physical illness, as they will act to get our attention, or if the issue is of an emotional nature.


Sometimes pets with behavioral problems reflect their person's unconscious thoughts, repressed emotions, or unresolved issues. As empathic creatures, our pets will often respond to or reflect on us.


Listening to what they have to say and making adjustments, can improve our relationship and resolve their unwanted behavior. We are talking about intelligent beings who can experience deep emotions and make inner as well as behavioral changes as a result.

* The process of change is not linear but circular, meaning that we may see some regression after some improvement that has been achieved already which does not necessarily mean that there is no improvement. In any process of change, it is important to be patient and to stay positive.

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