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  • Moving house with a pet
  • New baby at home or a new friend
  • Vet visit or preparation for surgery
  • Parting with a family member or a friend
  • Traveling on vacation with a pet
  • New dog boarding or dog daycare

Our pets do not intuitively understand that the change is for good reason. Sometimes they may even think that now they might get less attention or even less food and toys. Yes, yes… The more we communicate with the pets, the more we conclude that their point of view is similar to those of kids. Not because they are underdeveloped or because their intelligence is like that of a three-year-old. Not! They are very smart and intelligent only that our world is foreign to them and so they come to odd or funny conclusions. It is therefore important not to take for granted any change that is going to happen in the family and communicate it to the dog or cat.

We will be happy to do it for you! Based on our rich experience with pets we will provide you with lots of tips and confidence.

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