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Why do you do it?!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Johnny used to scratch the walls for no reason. It was quite annoying...

In communication, we could see that Johnny doesn't know what are shadows. Once he sees even the smallest shadow on some surface he tries to catch it as something real. Sometimes he was imagining that he sees them...

From the conversation:

- Johnny, it is not real, it is a reflection of something real!

- I can't believe it. What do you mean not real? I can see them.

We explained to him how it works and he was fascinated and shocked at the same time. On the way, we explained to him many more things about the world that he didn't know. He also asked us questions about the human world. For example, why there are so many books at home with various knowledge that mom doesn't use :)

After some time we received a message from his mom:

“It's over, he stopped!"

We are happy to be the bridge!

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