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The Final Journey of Blue

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Blue was the therapeutic dog for kids in school. He could handle easily a hundred children running towards him for petting and hugging. But one day he couldn't stand on his legs, however, being only four years old.

We received a call from his mom saying that Blue has a tumor in his head and it's not operable. She wanted to know what he prefers. At that moment he couldn't move anymore and eat, but in communication, he told us that he was happy and asked us not to take his death tragically. Blue said, "I want to show you my favorite game". We could see the image of him running on a beach with Frisbee in his mouth. But it wasn't only in mental space, at the same time at home, Blue stood up and tried to run out to play, which is impossible in his diagnosis that's because he wanted to show us his real spirit and not only the sick body.

We asked:

- How do you want to leave?

- Let me stay at home, don't take me to a vet.

- Do you want to get the injection?

- Yes, but tell my mom to hold me at that moment, I want to go be in her arms.

The message from Limmor on the next day:

“Good morning Nastia, thank you very much for the last communication session with Blue. It keeps records of memory of who he is for us forever. I feel him at heart with me now, his presence accompanies and supports me. You helped us and Blue in his last moments. I’m in deep gratitude.”

Limmor Gechtman

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