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The cry of Brando

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

We met Brando the dog when the war broke out in Ukraine.

He and his human-mom Anna were required to evacuate and cross the border to Poland.

They came to a new house in a new city with new smells and new people.

Of course, there was no time to prepare Brando for these changes and the difficulty created anxiety that led to an extreme change in his behavior. He became obsessed with Anna and did not leave her side, started barking a lot as soon as Anna left the apartment and the neighbors complained about the noise. He tried to show dominance over everything that moved and also what didn't :)

It took us at least two sessions of animal communication to explain the situation so that he would understand that everything was fine now and that mom was not going to leave him.

He shared everything difficult for him and only the very fact that we listened helped. This created an enabling space between us and we could also demand that he stop these problematic behaviors. So he stopped!

Later on, they reached France and now live happily together.

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