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Swettie the stray-princess

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

A friend of mine picked up Sweetie the dog from the street in a very bad condition. She thought that Sweetie would die anyway but at least not being alone on the street. After two days at home, something began to change. Suddenly she began to open her eyes as if to say something. My friend hurried to call a vet but after a round of tests, the vet was unable to definitively diagnose her condition. She had various background illnesses but the main problem was not clear.

I had a chance to communicate with her and asked what she needed and she immediately shared that she had collapsed because of the difficulty of living on the street. That throughout her life she was exposed to violence and cruelty, to the suffering of other dogs, and could no longer contain it.

In communication, I experienced pain all over her body. I asked Sweetie what it meant, and what kind of disease it was and she said that her soul is hurt. I asked if there is a need to help her to pass away. She said there is no need, that she was very much enjoying being in a sheltered home for the first time, lying on a soft blanket and seeing the sky from the window. She wants to enjoy it some more.

Slowly Sweetie's condition began to improve, she was able to get up a little and drink water herself and even licked the face of her rescuer. In the next communication, Sweetie shared that she is very happy about everything she now has and she is grateful, especially for the touch of human hands. I asked if there was anything that could help her and she said she had heard from other pet dogs that people put “decorations” on them… (?) That's how everyone can tell this dog belongs to a human. I did not understand which decorations she talked about. She said - those decorations on the neck, like princesses, that's how you show you love your dog the most!

Forward as received to the rescuer… Immediately a friend of mine found a random unicorn headband at home and put it on her neck, like that of a princess :) You can see Sweetie's smile in the picture. Sometimes it takes very little to make someone happy.

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