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Return of Lorra

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Lorra the cat left her home a few days before we received the request to communicate with her.

In the first communication, she shared that she stepped out of the house for the first time in her life and that she enjoyed everything there! To feel the wind on her body, smell new smells, and hear the sound of trees. I won't go back home she said.

What to do in such a case?... We spoke to her mom to say that she is doing very well and enjoys her new life.

Her mom said - I understand but what about us, we need her. Request her to go back and become an outdoor cat, we won't stop her anymore and she can sleep with us at home and get free food, as it always was for her.

From communication with her:

- Lorra, are you aware that your family needs you?

- No... why?

- They just love you. Please consider returning home, life is not only about what you like. It's a small effort for you, just show yourself and go back to enjoy.

Lorra took seven more days to enjoy her vacation and then we received a message from her mom:

“I'm writing to you from the staircase, I was sitting in the office and suddenly Lorra came in just like you said. We are super excited and thank God for sending you to us!! Thank you, you guys are amazing, I'm excited, and thank you again!!”

Taya Kniewski

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