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Mischievous Zoie

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Zoie used to bite the toes of her humans at night. Nothing could stop her until we talked to her.

- Hi Zoie, how do you do, dear?

- I'm very angry!

- Why? What's wrong?

- It's horrible, You won't understand me.

- Let's try... something bothers you?

- They take it from me every time I cover it so accurately, it's unbearable...

- Ohh... I think that I know what do you talk about. It's about your bathroom, right?

- Yeah! I tried to talk to them but they don't get it so I began to warn them.

- By biting toes?

- That's the way they pay attention to me.

Hmm... and then we began a long conversation about rules and regulations at home, the human way of hygiene, and many many more issues and questions... Well, even between humans small misunderstanding causes a war so often, what to say about different species?

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