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Kimmy is back!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

"Kimmy disappeared yesterday morning around 6.30 am. She left the building and has not returned since then and we have not been able to locate her!"

We received this text message and immediately entered into communication with Kimmy.

She said that she was at home... How it could be? "What do you see around you?" Kimmy gave us images of the place that we passed to her mom and it was not matching to her place at all. How it could be?

Slowly slowly it occurred to us that Kimmy entered the place of someone else, which means the chance to find her was very low.

When it looks that direct communication can't help to pet to be found, we create for him a special bubble of energy where we put our hopes, prayers, love, and protection that helps to pet find his way back in a mysterious way. That's what happened to Kimmy as well. She was sitting inside the cupboard of the neighbor's place for three days. When they came to open the cupboard her condition was critical but she found the energy to run back home and reunite with her family.

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