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Where are you, Yoga?

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Effi, the cat mom of Yoga , called us stressed and desperate.

She said the whole family is on a trip abroad and Yoga disappeared from the new house they moved into just a week ago. Effi's friend that stayed in the house to watch Yoga couldn't find her anywhere.

At the first communication session Yoga raised questions that suddenly seemed logical like: "Why do you want me to go back there? This is not my home, where is my family? They left me and if they are not there I do not want to go back.

There was a real need to mediate the reality to Yoga because a situation is often unclear to our pet.

After another communication session she understood the facts but not the idea.

On one hand the sessions with Yoga were clear and she co-operated with every conversation and on the other hand refused to come back as long as Effi was not there. I really understood her and could also identify with her feelings but at some point I felt all energie left me and started falling asleep at all sorts of weird hours during the day.

Effi, her husband and her children had already returned home and Yoga was still out there.

Nastia and I sat down for another session with Yoga to tell her that everyone was at home and it was time to come back.

Immediately after the session, I fell asleep again in the middle of the day and then Yoga came to me, in a clear and distinct dream with a very specific request - she wants the family to have a bbq in the backyard.

When I got up, I thought about the dream and I was not sure if it was right to pass on the request to Effi. What if it would not work?

I decided there was nothing to lose and I told Effi the content of the dream as it is.

Effi said that they are vegan and it is a bit problematic but maybe they can roast vegetables.

Two evenings have passed since the last conversation with Effi and suddenly at noon I receive a message "Listen, Yoga is back!!!"

I immediately dialed and Effi told me that they had the bbq at 6 pm and nothing happened.

They finished eating, cleaned the yard, and entered the house. At midnight (about three hours after they finished eating) Yoga entered the house through the window just like in my dream.

What Yoga asked for was for the family to sit together and claim ownership of the new home and when smoke comes out of there she will know it and come back.

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