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How will we know to return??

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Assol, a 10-year-old Caucasian shepherd, had to evacuate from Ukraine at the outbreak of the war, along with her family. They got in the car and started driving in an unknown direction, the main thing is far from the shelling.

Hours passed while driving and Assol began to feel unwell. Her mummy raised a question about the situation of the dog in a group of volunteers and we immediately went into communication with the lady and Assol to help them.

Assol shared that she had nausea from the ride and that she was bothered by the smell of fuel in the car and that it was difficult for her constantly to look out of the window.

"Do not look out of the window" we said, "Lie down on the floor and try to relax."

"I can not stop looking out," she said, "I need to remember the way back home because my mummy is just looking forward. How will we know to return home?"

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