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Angel in the jungle

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Angel is a rescued dog from India, Mumbai. After a car accident she lost her front limb and became very anxious. Luckily she got adopted by Estie, who works a lot out of town. Most of the times in her absence she keeps Angle at a dog daycare which is located in a village area surrounded by a jungle.

Recently, on one of Estie's business trips, she received a phone call saying that Angel had run away from boarding! No one knew in which direction to search and where she was in the jungle... Estie called us crying for help with the searches and every possible piece of information. We immediately began communicating with Angel. We were against the clock - it was late time, Angel spent a whole day in the heat with no water, and being in the jungle due to her disability it will be very difficult to defend herself from wild animals.

The first thing we got in the sensory communication was - "GO RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT." Then, we got a description of the road she went through until she entered the jungle and the location of where she was hiding. Angel said that she can hear a pack of wild dogs approaching in the distance and that she is scared, hungry, and, confused. Angel also shared that she ran away from the daycare because she was afraid of its operator shouting at her all the time, which Estie later found out and confirmed.

We immediately gave Estie, who was searching in the jungle, all the information and she followed the details accurately and identified a path that turns RIGHT, RIGHT, AND RIGHT! Her heart was pounding, she got on the path and walked carefully and quietly to avoid frightening her dog and after a few minutes, she found Angel hiding inside an abandoned shed shivering to her bones. The happiness they both experienced is indescribable! If Estie had not used ITERANIMA to connect directly with Angel, who knows how long it would have taken to find her and whether at all…

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