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Searching for a lost animal can be quite a challenge, both - physically and emotionally. Your pet is part of your family and you sincerely want him/her to come home again.
In such a situation, it will be right to use all the tools available - posters, flyers, social media and etc. The search will be as effective as you closest to the location of your pet.

The remote viewing ability that we use in Iteranima can lead straight toward the area of your pet.

Now you will get info not only about the surroundings but also the condition of your lost pet - alive, eating, safe, or injured.

We use various tools of professional animal communication to gather as much information as possible information. 

We support the search process and provide additional tools to improve the search.

"...Remote viewing can lead straight toward the location of a missing pet."

There's no magic here, for a successful session we have to get cooperation from the pet and you. We support the search process but can never promise the return of your pet. 

NOTE: Because reuniting lost animals with their families is a priority in Iteranima, We make every effort to schedule the consultations within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of your payment. 

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