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Sensory animal communication allows us to scan the body and to get a sense of how the animal feels

and if there are any pain or discomfort areas, sickness, or energetic blocks. We can clarify many other health-related issues.     

We can assist with the following processes:


  • Energetic body scanning of organs, reading the effect of body-soul connection on the animal's health.

  • Locate the source or the reason for the disease.

  • Escorting the process of healing physical and emotional trauma.

  • Escorting and supporting veterinary care. Aid in giving medication to pets and explaining why they should take them. 

  • Discuss questions about whether an animal agrees with the treatment or not or whether there is another treatment she would prefer.

  • Recommendations for a healthy routine.

  • How to detect clinical signs of my pet. To learn how to read the body language of pain, fur condition, and more.

  • Surgery preparation of any kind or questioning the animal's readiness for sterilization.

  • Palliative Care.

  • Mutual impact of human and animal health in case of reflection. 

  • EFT for pets.

In the medical field, human will be the ones to decide on what and how to treat their pet's health issues but if we can take into consideration an animal's wishes there is no doubt that the way will be fair and easier for all.  


A body scan or energetic reading does not replace a diagnosis and medical treatment by a vet.

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