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Working with animals towards the end of their lives, we help them move to the other side peacefully and help their people to let go and focus on positive memories. Looking for meaning in what is happening and also to get answers for the most difficult subjects like pet euthanasia and palliative care (hospice).

A correct and healthy process can make a huge difference in the experience for both sides and reveal new directions in life even when the end seems to have come.

We may learn a valuable lesson from them if we agree to stay present and experience what the end of life in pets brings, which are not always negative. We can go through a meaningful process that can teach us a lot. Keep your mind and heart open; they will allow you to see the gifts and lessons in your life.

What does the session include?

1. Scanning the body to feel what the pet is experiencing physically. We do not diagnose, but we can tell you what the pet's subjective feeling or experience is with a particular organ.

2. In telepathic communication with pets, we will ask up to five questions you have. In addition, we will ask your pet what he or she wants to share with you or what they want you to know. It should be noted that we will not always get answers to specific questions if the pet chooses to talk about other topics. We will respect and accept that.

3. We will create a special energetic space of protection for the pet, which will be created from the moment of the reading until the actual transition.

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