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Pets in spirit

We know so little about the "after life,"  although there are many versions and different beliefs that don't even match one another...

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Communication with pets in spirit happens through the consciousness of the animal that never dies.

It looks like it’s too late to ask however it is possible. Doesn’t matter when your pet passed away, you can still get the closure you need and stay in touch.

​Animals have a different value of life and death than humans. They are not attached to physical life in their body and think of life and death as one continuous process when it does not matter which side they are on - life in the physical body or what humans call death. 

They are connected to the life experience that goes on and never stops. In this sense, they exist in some way in their consciousness. 

Animal communication allows us to get a tiny piece of the giant mystery and the ability to get some info about our beloved pets after they passed away.

The physical body is no longer here but the consciousness is.

As guardians of pets, we often have important questions for after-life communication with pets like:

  • Was it my fault? Or was it the right time for you to go?

  • What could I do better?

  • Do you know how much I miss you?

  • Are you around?

​The purpose of post-life communication with pets is to allow a person closure and to find some answers.

Each case is individual and we will build the conversation with your pet according to your needs. 

It might be a question or a message. It's a dialog, therefore the conversation may take a different direction according to the animal's choice.

We offer a special meditation to help people to cope and accept the loss.


The process of releasing guilt and experiencing inner peace is important for you and your pet, which would make the transition easier.  

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