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The same way that every once in a while we would ask our spouse or kids what's going on? What's new? How's it going? Is something bothering you?? It is worth doing so with our pets as well.

Kind of question you might want to ask:

  • What is my pet's favorite living environment or walk?

  • Does my pet like his food?

  • Who is their favorite person to spend time with?

  • Is there anything my pet wants or needs to feel happier? If so, what?

  • Does my pet know I love him?

  • Does he understand me?

We can go as well for deeper questions about the meaning and purpose of their life with us or what they think about a certain situation or a person. 

Our pets are intelligent beings that spend most of their time in observation of our lives and have something to say about it. 

It will be a lightweight telepathic conversation with your pet that gives room to complain but also to be grateful.

Most of the time we will use this opportunity to shed light on questions that you have always had but did not know how to get answers to. Where the main goal is simply to improve their life quality. 

Kindly remember, the reality in the eyes of your pet and the reality we live in are not always the same and the concepts between us are very different such as colors and the perception of space, our vision is very different from that of cats or dogs and other animals and therefore it is appropriate to give room for a broader perspective.

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