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Our Story

A small community of animal communicators In Israel practice together from time to time. In one of the online sessions a few years ago, Kim suggested working in pairs and learning from each other. As befits the wonders of the internet, the connection got stuck and Nastia did not hear the offer except for its beginning - "Who wants…" something in her heart told her "I do" and she raised a hand even though there was no prior acquaintance between them. Do you know how first meeting someone can be embarrassing? It didn't happen here. We jumped into the deep water and started practicing. At first with our pets, then with pets of friends and acquaintances. Slowly this circle expanded, and more and more people became interested to experience sessions of animal communication. We began to incorporate skills and experience we had gathered throughout life and in communication sessions. We discovered that the abilities of the two of us together give a bigger picture of the animal's condition. ​ The results were amazing and our work gained significant validity from people who approached us. The diverse cases we dealt with have made us continue to develop professionally and take courses like EFT for animals, Psychology of animals, and Lost pets methods. We felt that we complemented each other's strengths and weaknesses and we had an enabling safe space to experience, learn and accept failure and success. In a very natural way, we decided to open a center where we could work with pets and their people. ​On the way to the destination, we have combined the values ​​we have collected separately, and on which our center uncompromisingly rests. We believe humanity cannot exist without education for truth, compassion, love, and empathy. ITERANIMA Center stands up and stands based on these shared values ​​and fulfills the dream of bridging the world of animals and humans.



Like most children, I also dreamed of speaking the language of animals. My connection to animals comes from a place of compassion and justice towards those who need the protection of humans. I could always feel their insult, the lack of understanding but as a child, I couldn't explain this to adults. I remember myself at the age of five swearings I would dedicate my life to animal rescue. Yet the voices around me did not resonate with my inner desire and senses - they told me that animals cannot feel emotions, that they do not think, that human beings are a superior species and only we are intelligent and have an eternal soul. I struggled to accept that and on the other hand, I had no proof. When I grew up, I started rescue dogs and gained a lot of experience dealing with different situations. For example, how to find a lost dog or capture a dog in panic situations, or how rehabilitate pets. When Libby, my beloved dog, came into my life she broke all my previous paradigms. She experienced existential anxieties and sometimes refused to go out for several days in a row, was aggressive at anything that moved in and out of the house. In an attempt to deal with her condition, I was accepted to attend a professional school for dog training where I gained a lot of knowledge about the nature of dogs, their customs, and the way they see the world. Libby's condition improved but still, something was missing to bring back her joy in life. One day a friend told me that she saw an ad about telepathic communication studies with animals and maybe that was what could help me with Libby. immediately I went to check it out and signed up. As my studies progressed I discovered that I was meant to be a communicator with animals! Everything I did in life, the experience I gained, and the lessons I learned were the steps that led me to this path. The search for my destiny is over, my oath from the age of five is finally coming true.

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