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Quantum physicists have proven that atoms and molecules constantly exchange information with each other, which proves that life is a field of connected and communicating energy.

Human beings are not separated from this global field, but are included within it and connected to each other and to everything that exists, even from a distance.

​We are all part of the quantum field,
we are one

Words are just one way we learn to express our feelings and thoughts.


Thoughts are also energy, one that can be sent and received without limiting distance and time. Therefore, telepathy is not only possible; it is also the universal language of all species. It is an innate ability that resides deep within every living creature. Telepathic communication transcends race, gender, geographic location, and even death. As we expand beyond the familiar and give up prejudices and agendas about animals, we open up to new knowledge.

Telepathic connection is a different "language" that includes not only words in a particular tongue but also emotions, images, energy, and many more aspects of communication. Animal communicators are skilled at using this language and serve as a channel of communication.
When we communicate with an animal, we translate the information that is received remotely into words that we are all familiar with.
Aside from hearing their thoughts and feeling their energy, another aspect is the ability to comprehend their psychological world and nature in depth.

Unknowingly, we exchange thoughts and use telepathy with each other in our daily interactions. This ability is as natural as breathing, and most of us are not even aware that it works within us. Anyone can certainly learn the "language" of animals.

Although we are able to speak this universal language, we do not share the same ideas at all.

The days of the week, date, and time are human concepts that do not exist in nature, and therefore, placing everything and any subject in a timeline is no easy task for the communicator. The attitude towards life and death is not the same. Millions of years of evolution have created physical systems that have not stopped evolving in animals and are working for maximum utilisation, compared to humans who rely on technology.

The communication does not replace the need for training or medical treatment and is certainly not forced. Often an animal does not find logic in changing behaviour that is natural to it, and therefore we will not try to control it but rather explain situations, accompany processes, talk about loss and benefit, and suggest alternative ways.

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